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Parts by Car
Parts by Car
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       Key features

  • works with EMU and EMU BLACK using serial communication,
  • > 4GB SDHC memory cards with FAT32,
  • built in BlueTooth module,
  • bespoke anodized aluminium enclosure with two LEDs indicating device state, memory card transfer and Bluetooth communication,
149,00 €
Ecumaster EGT to CAN module

     Product features

  • Up to 8 EGT probes,
  • Cold junction compensation
  • 0-1250C input range
  • CAN 2.0 compatible
  • Configurable CAN bitrate, byte order (Intel, Motorola), message IDs
  • USB port for PC connection
  • Client software for configuration and temperature monitoring
129,00 €
Ecumaster CAN switch board V3

Key features

  • CAN BUS 2.0B
  • 500 or 1000kbps, user selectable
  • different CAN ID and CAN frame structures can be selected,
  • only 25x25mm in size,
  • 8  switch inputs (switched to ground)
  • 8 analog inputs / rotary switch inputs, 0-5V, 10bits
  • 4 low side outputs (0.5A, resistive and inductive loads)
  • 6-22V power supply
  • +5V output for powering rotary switches, sensors and potentiometers
  • firmware upgrade over the CAN bus
129,00 €
Ecumaster Lambda to CAN module

Key features

•Bosch LSU 4.9 support (ADV version also available)
•Operating voltage range: 9 -16V
•Current consumption: up to 3A (during warm up)
•IP65 enclosure
•2 programmable analog outputs 0-5V
•Communication and setup: CAN 2.0A/B

199,00 €
Ecumaster battery isolator CAN BUS
•Weight: 83g
•Dimensions: 50mm x 100mm x 38.5mm
•Voltage range: 6V – 19V, 28V transient
(12V automotive installations only)
•Operating temperature range: -40C + 125C
•Current capability: 300A continuous, peak up to 1000A
•Current measurement resolution 4A
•Current measurement range: -1000A to 1000A
•Current measurement accuracy: ±10%
•Inductive load switching capability: 600mJ
•Enclosure: Anodized aluminium, IP67 rated
• High current terminals: M8 nickel plated terminals
or Radlok connectors
•Signal connector: Deutsch ASX202-06PN
(mating plug ASX602-06SN included)
•Power save state current consumption: <1mA
•ON state current consumption: ~20mA
•Engine kill output: 3A, High (VBat), Low (GND) or Hi-Z
449,00 €
Ecumaster DUAL H Bridge
•2 H-Bridge 10A continous current, 30A peak
•Direct control or via CAN messages
•Free firmware upgrades
•Configurable via CAN BUS
299,00 €
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