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Honda RSX-S 2.0 K20A/Z Wiseco forged pistons CR 12.4 86.50mm K650M865AP

Product detailed specification

Bore size




Wiseco compression ratio (CR)


OEM compression ratio (CR)


Dome volume (CC)


Compression height (CH)


Pin diameter



Most Wiseco pistons have offset pins. Pins must be offset same as OEM for quitest operation.
Utilizes extra deep valve pockets to expand the range of I-Vtec/Vanos with big/high lift cams and milled heads.

Fits for

Honda RSX-S - 2.0 (K20A/Z)
Armor Plated wiseco pistons have almost a bronze colored tint to the top of the piston and the wrist pin bore. Wiseco's Armor Plating is an abrasion resistant plating that raises the hardness of the aluminum, increases the durability of the ring grooves, prevents micro-welding of the piston rings, reduces carbon buildup and combats corrosion caused by detonation. Wiseco's most popular pistons now include Armor Plating.
699,00 €
Supertech Block guard Honda B16/17A/B18C engines BG-B16

Supertech Block Guards are meticulously designed and tested in many engines. As a result we offer a product that will provide support to highly stressed cylinder walls with optimal engine cooling by allowing enough water flow in critical areas to avoid destructive cylinder hot spots.
Supertech block guards are made from high strength, high corrosion resistanct 6061 aluminum alloy. All block guards are computer designed and CNC machined ensuring the best possible fit and making installation a breeze. Supertech block guards are among the best in the industry and designed to work with all of our valvetrain components.
119,00 €