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Parts by Car

Audi / VW 1.8-2.0 20V FCP racing solid lifters (followers, tappets)

Part number FCPSLA1.8T/20
FCP Engineering racing mechanical solid lifter (tappets, cam followers)
Audi / VW - 1.8T 20V, 2.0 20V (ADR, AEB, AGU, AJH, AJL, BAM, BBU, BEK and etc.)
375,00 €
Доступность:18 шт.

Lifter data:
20 pcs. FCP Engineering mechanical racing solid lifters.
Forged steel, nitride hardened surface, HRC 50.
Installed tappet height to camshaft must be adjusted with lash caps (not included).
Lifter adjustment requires:
12pcs. 6mm lash caps
8pcs. 7mm lash caps

Intake lifter data (12 pcs.):
Outer diameter - 23.97mm
Inner diameter - 23.97mm
Outer height - 24.20mm
Stem length - 15.00mm
Stud diameter - 6.00mm
Weight - 26g

Exhaust lifter data (8 pcs.):
Outer diameter - 33.47mm
Inner diameter - 31.50mm
Outer height - 26.00mm
Stem length - 15.00mm
Stud diameter - 7.00mm
Weight - 43g

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Audi / VW 1.8T 20V Wiseco pistons CR 8.5 81.5mm K563M815AP

Product detailed specification

Bore size




Wiseco compression ratio (CR)


OEM compression ratio (CR)


Dome volume (CC)


Compression height (CH)


Pin diameter



Accepts Turbo and Nitrous, Round piston skirt

Fits for

VAG - 1.8T 20V

Armor Plated wiseco pistons have almost a bronze colored tint to the top of the piston and the wrist pin bore. Wiseco's Armor Plating is an abrasion resistant plating that raises the hardness of the aluminum, increases the durability of the ring grooves, prevents micro-welding of the piston rings, reduces carbon buildup and combats corrosion caused by detonation. Wiseco's most popular pistons now include Armor Plating.
649,00 €
Audi / VW 1.8 2.0 KR PL, 16V 1.8T 20V FCP H-beam steel connecting rods 144mm

Product detailed specification

Manufacturer: FCP Engineering
Model: FCPRHA14450620-4
Profile: H-beam
C to C: 144mm
Big end diameter: 50.6mm
Pin diameter: 20mm
Quantity: 4 pcs., 8 pcs. ARP2000 3/8" bolts
Made of: forged steel 4340 EN24er
Advertised horsepower rating: 600HP (4 cylinder)
Advertised RPM rating: 9000RPM
Audi / VW / Seat / Skoda:
1.8T 20V (AEB, BAM, AWB and others)
1.8 2.0 16V (KR, PL, 9A)

399,00 €
VW / Seat / Skoda / Audi S3 TT 1.8T 2.0 20V AEB FCP racing valve spring and...
Valve springs data
Installed seat pressure:

Intake valve spring - 25kg, exhaust double valve spring - 36kg
Intake - 56kg@10.5mm, exhaust - 84kg@10.5mm
Max lift:
intake - up to 11mm, exhaust - up to 12.7mm
Made from chrome-silicon steel SAE9254-V

12 pcs. intake valve single springs
8 pcs. exhaust valve double springs
12 pcs. intake valve spring titanium retainers
8 pcs. exhaust valve spring titanium retainers
Fits all 4 cylinder 1.8-2.0 20V Turbo/NA Audi / Seat / Skoda / VW engines.
With this set the risk of valve flutter and a possible engine failure is minimized.
Recommended for engines with series and racing camshafts and over 7600 RPM.
Titanium retainers are very strong and light, they help to eliminate valve float. Weight is only 9 and 4 g.
449,00 €